Chapter 87 — Ten Brother Aindavas Become the Ten Worlds of the Next Day of Brahma

The Sun said:—

O great father of creation, in this way these venerable brahmins remained at that spot for a long time, occupied in their minds with these various thoughts and their several actions. They remained in this state until their bodies dried up by exposure to the sun and air, and dropped down in time like the withered leaves of trees. Their dead bodies were devoured by the voracious beasts of the forest, or tossed about like some ripe fruit by monkeys on the hills.

These brahmins, their thoughts turned away from outward objects and concentrated on Brahma, continued enjoying divine joy in their spirits until the close of the kalpa cycle at the end of the four ages (yugas). At the end of the kalpa, there is an utter extinction of sunlight by the constant rains poured down by the heavy pushkara and avartaka clouds at the great flood, when the hurricane of desolation blew on all sides and buried all beings under the universal ocean. It was then your (Brahma’s) dark night, and the previous creation slept as if in yogic sleep (yoga nidra) in your sleeping self. Thus, continuing in your spirit, you contained all things in their spiritual forms in yourself. Upon your waking this day with your desire of creation, all these things are exhibited to your view, like a copy of everything that was already in your inmost mind or Spirit.

I have thus related to you O Brahma, how these ten brahmins were personified as so many Brahmas. These ten have become the ten bright orbs situated in the empty sphere of your mind. 10 I am the eldest among them, consecrated in this temple of the sky, and appointed by you, O lord of all, to regulate the portions of time on earthly beings.

11 Now I have given you a full account of the ten orbs of heaven, which are no other than the ten persons united in the mind of Brahma, and now appearing as detached from him. 12 This beautiful world that you behold, appearing to your view with all its wonderful structures, spread out in the skies, serves at best as a snare to entrap your senses and delude your understanding by taking the unrealities as realities in your mind.