Chapter 71 — Prince’s Answers to the Vetala’s First Question

Vasishta related:—

The prince smiled at hearing these questions from the vetala. As he opened his mouth to reply, the luster of his pearly teeth shed a brightness on the white dome of the sky.

The prince speaking:—

This world was at first an undeveloped grain. Afterwards it was covered by a dozen elemental sheaths, like thin skin or bark. The tree that bears thousands of such fruit is very tall with equally long, out stretched branches and similarly very long and broad leaves. This great tree is of a huge size and very astounding to see. It has thousands of huge branches spreading wide on every side. 5 There are thousands of such trees, and a dense forest of many other large trees and plants in that person. Thousands of such forests stretch over it, abounding in thousands of mountains with their high peaks. The wide extended lands that contain these mountains also have very large valleys. These widespread lands also contain many countries with their adjacent islands, lakes and rivers. These thousands of islands also contain many cities with varieties of buildings and works of art. 10 These thousands of tracts of land, which are sketched out like so many continents, are like so many earths and worlds in their extent.

11 That which contains thousands of such worlds as the cosmic egg is as unlimited as the spacious womb of the sky. 12 That which contains thousands of such eggs in its chest also bears many thousands of seas and oceans resting calmly in its large heart. 13 That which displays the loud noisy waves of seas is the lively and playful soul, heaving as the clear waters of the ocean. 14 That which contains thousands of such oceans, with all their waters in his unconscious womb, is the god Vishnu who filled the universal ocean with his all pervasive spirit. 15 That which bears thousands of such gods, like a string of pearls about the neck, is the great god Rudra. 16 That which bears thousands of such great gods like hairs on his body is the supreme Lord God of all.

17 He is that great sun that shines in a hundred of such gods, all of whom are only frictions of the rays of that great source of light and life. 18 All things in the universe are only particles of that uncreated Sun.

I have explained to you that it is the Intellectual Sun who fills the world with his rays and shows them light. 19 The all knowing soul is the supreme sun that enlightens the world and fills all things in it with particles of its rays. 20 The omniscient soul, that surpassing sun, produces the rays that show everything to light. Without that soul, like without sunlight, nothing would grow or be visible in the outer world.

21 All living beings who have their souls enlightened by the light of philosophy see the sphere of the universe is a blaze of the shining sun of Consciousness. In that Consciousness, there is not the slightest stain of the false conceptions of the material world in it. Know this and hold your peace.