Chapter 151 — The Dream Sage’s View of Inexistence

The other sage, the one in the dream, continued:—

Afterwards the whole village, together with all its dwellings and trees, were burnt down to ashes like dry straw. All things being burnt away, the two bodies of the two of you who had been sleeping there were also scorched and burnt, like fire heats and splits a large rock.

Then the fire set upon satisfying itself by devouring the entire forest, just like the sea sat below its basin after its waters were sucked up by sage Agastya. After the fire was quenched and the ashes of the burnt cinders had become cold, they were blown away by gusts of wind, just as the winds carry away heaps of flowers. Then nothing was known about where the hermit’s hut and the two bodies had been carried away, or where was that imaginary city and its great population that had been seen as vividly as if waking. In this manner, the two bodies disappeared. Their existence remains in the conscious soul as a memory of externals remains in the mind when the unconscious body is in the state of dreaming.

Therefore, where is that passage of the lungs and where is that jiva soul, the self of Virat, anymore? They are burnt away together with the vigor and vitality of the dead body. On account of this, O sage, you could not find those two bodies and wandered about in this endless world of dreams, as if you were awake.

Therefore know that this mortal state is like a mere dream that appears as if awake. All of us are only daydreams. We see each other like we see imaginary beings in our dreams. 10 You are an imaginary man to me, and so also am I to you in this intellectual sphere in which the soul is situated within itself. 11 Before you had been an imaginary being in your life, until you thought you were a waking man in your domestic life.

12 Thus I have described the entire matter to you as it has occurred to you, and which you well know by your own conception, perception and meditation of them. 13 Know at last that it is the firm conviction of our consciousness which shines forever in the emptiness of our minds like the glitter of gold. The intellectual soul catches the color of our deeds, be they fair or foul or a mixture of both, in its state of a regenerated spirit.