Chapter 202 — Rama Describes His State

Valmiki related:—

Upon hearing these words of the sage, the assembled princes and lords of men in the court felt a coolness in their souls, as if they had all be sprinkled with ambrosial waters. Rama, with his lotus-like eyes and moonlike face, remained as resplendent as if they were filled with the nectar of the Milky Ocean. Then sage Vamadeva and others who were filled with divine knowledge exclaimed their admiration for the preacher, “O the holy instruction that you have given us this day!” The face of the king, his soul pacified and mind joyous, shone as if he had a new light infused in him. After many other sages who were well acquainted with the knowledge of the knowable One had pronounced their praises, enlightened Rama opened his mouth again and spoke in the following manner.

Rama said:—

O seer who knows past and future, you have cleansed away all our inner impurities like fire purges gold of its impurity. Venerable sage, we have now become all knowing by our knowledge of the Universal Soul, though we are confined in these our visible bodies and seeming to all appearance as knowing nothing beyond them.

Now I feel I am perfect and full in all and have become quite without decay in myself. I am freed from all fear and apprehension and I am quite aware of all things. I am overjoyed to no end and I am happy beyond all measure. I have risen to a height from which there is no fear of falling. I am elevated to the supreme summit of prominence and perfection.

10 I am cleansed by the holy and cooling water of divine knowledge which you have so kindly poured forth in me and whereby I am as happy as a full blown lotus in the lake of my heart. 11 By your favor, I am now set in a state of joy which makes the face of the universe bright to me with ambrosial delight. 12 Now I hail myself, that I have become so fair within myself with the clarity of my mind and by the disappearance of all sorrow from it. I have received a grace in my face from the peace of mind and purity of my wishes. I am joyous in myself with my inner joy and I am wholly pure with the purity of my soul.