13Consciousness is the creator of all elements. She creates everything according to her model, hence creator and creation are one and the same. 14 As the backward and forward whirling motion of water makes a deep swell, and as a fairy appears in a dream, so all these nothings are in reality. 15This entity with its change is nothing. In whatever manner we look at an object, it will appear in the same manner.16The rule of the false dream is not to reproduce because the production is not in the world, but owing to ignorance, it appears so. [BOOKVI.1.61.13-16]      |   33 We have the dreaming man presented to us from the very beginning of creation in the person of Viraj. This being is situated in open air with its aerial body in the shape of the dreamer and dream mixed up together. 34The word “dream” that I have used and presented to you is an example to explain the nature of the phenomenal world. It is to be understood as neither a reality nor an unreality, but only "BRAHMAN" himself. [BOOKVI.2.62.33-34]


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