Chapter 45 — The Second Leela Gets a Boon the First Didn’t: How We Seek Is How We Obtain

Saraswati continued:—

Know Leela, that this Viduratha, your husband, will lose his life in this battlefield and his soul will return to the tomb in the inner apartment where it will resume its former state.


Upon hearing these words of the goddess, the second Leela, who was standing by, bent herself lowly before the goddess and addressed her with her folded palms. The second Leela said, “Goddess! the genius of intelligence is ever adored by me and she gives me her visits in my nightly dreams. I find you here exactly of her likeness. Therefore give me your blessing, O goddess with the beautiful face.”

Vasishta said:—

The goddess, being addressed by the lady in this way, remembered her faith and reliance in her, then politely spoke to the lady standing as a suppliant before her. The goddess said, “I am pleased, my child, with your unfailing and undiminished adoration of me all your lifetime. Now say what you want of me.”

The second Leela said, “Ordain O goddess, that with this body of mine I may accompany my husband to whatever place he is destined to go after his death in the war.”

The goddess replied, “Be it so my child who has worshipped me with flowers, incense and offerings with all diligence and without fail.”

Vasishta said:—

The second Leela was cheered by this blessing of the goddess. The first Leela was much puzzled in her mind at the difference between their states. 10 The first Leela said, “Those who desire truth and they whose desires lean towards godliness have all their wishes fulfilled without delay and fail. 11 Then tell me, goddess, why could I not keep company with my brahmin husband with my body of the brahmani, but had to be taken to him in the mountain home after my death.”

12 The goddess answered saying:—

Know, O excellent lady, that I have no power to do anything. Everything happens according to the desire of the living being. 13 Know me only as the presiding divinity of wisdom, and I reveal everything according to my knowledge of it. It is by virtue of the intellectual powers exhibited in every being that it attains its particular end. 14 A living being has a certain development of mental powers and state when he desires an object. He attains that object according to the same development of mental powers and state.

15 You had attained the powers of your understanding by your devotion to my service. You have always desired from me that you be liberated from flesh. 16 Accordingly, I have awakened your understanding in that way, whereby you have been able to arrive at your present state of purity. 17 It was because of your constant desire for liberation that you have gained the same state by enlargement (of the powers) of your consciousness.

18 Whoever exerts his bodily powers according to the dictates of his understanding is sure to succeed in gaining his object sooner or later. 19 Without cultivation of the intellect, performance of austerities and adoration of gods are as vain as to expect fruit to fall from the sky. 20 Without cultivation of the intellect and exertion of manly powers, there is no way to success. Therefore if you do, you may choose for yourself.

21 Truly the state of one’s mind leads his internal soul to that state upon which it thinks, and to that prosperity which it attempts to obtain. 22 Now distinguish between what is desirable or disagreeable for you, and choose that which is holy and perfect, and you will certainly arrive at it.