Chapter 88 — Detachment of Brahma; Need to Act; Only One’s Own Mind Can Change One’s Own Mind

Brahma said to Vasishta:—

O brahmin who is the best of brahmins, the Sun God remained silent after telling me about the ten brahmins. I thought upon this for sometime in my mind, then said, “O Sun, tell me what I am to create next? Tell me O Sun, what need is there for me to make any more worlds after these ten globes have come into existence?”

Now, O great sage, the Sun having long considered in his mind about what I wanted him to say, replied to me in the following manner in appropriate words.

The Sun said:—

My lord who is devoid of effort or desire, what need do you have to create? This work of creation is only for your pleasure. O lord who is free from desires and gives rise to worlds like sunbeams raise waters, and the sunshine is accompanied by the shadow, you are indifferent to fostering or forsaking your body and need nothing to desire or renounce for your pleasure or pain. You, O lord of creatures, create all these only for the sake of your pleasure, and so you retract them all in yourself, as the sun by turns gives and withdraws his light. You who is unattached to the world make your creation as a work of love to you, and not of any effort or endeavor on your part.

10 If you desist from stretching creation out of the Supreme Spirit, what good can you derive from your inactivity? 11 Do your duty as it may present itself to you, rather than remain inactive doing nothing. A dull person, like a dirty mirror that does not reflect images, is of no use at all. 12 The wise have no desire of doing anything that is beyond their reach, but they never like to leave out anything that presents itself before them and is useful. 13 Therefore do your work as it comes to you with a cheerful heart, a calm mind, and a tranquil soul, as if it were in your sleep, and devoid of desires that you can never reap.

14 You derive pleasure, O Lord of worlds, from forming the orbs of the sons of Indu, so the Lord of Gods will give you your reward for your works of creation. 15 Nobody with their external organs of vision can see the worlds as clearly as you, O lord, see with the eyes of your mind. For who, by seeing them with his eyes, can say whether you are created or uncreated? 16 Only He who has created these worlds from his mind, and no other person with his open eyes, can behold me face to face.

17 The ten worlds are not the work of so many Brahmas as it appeared to you before. Nobody has the power to destroy them when they are seated so firmly in the mind. 18 It is easy to destroy what is made by the hand, and to shut out the sensible objects from our perception, but who can annul or disregard what is ascertained by the mind? 19 It is impossible for anyone except the owner to remove whatever belief is deep-rooted in the minds of living beings. 20 No curse can remove from the mind whatever has become a habit of confirmed belief in the mind, even though it can kill the body.

21 Principle deeply rooted in the mind forms the man according to its stamp. It is impossible by any means to make him otherwise, as it is impossible to make a rock bear fruit by watering its root like a tree.